Makeup 101 - Makeup Tips


Foundation is meant to hide all your imperfections, red-spots blotchy skin and dark circles; all this should disappear, giving way to flawless skin. Some of us need more coverage than others, so you need to find what works best for your skin. Just remember, you want people to see flawless skin, not foundation.

In choosing your foundation I like to go with one shade darker than your skin tone. If not you tend to look unhealthy or pasty. Choose a foundation that is right for your skin type and personal needs. Test on your forehead, with a Q-tip put a few different shades on and if you’re able to, walk outside with a mirror and look at it in natural light. For more coverage you can go with a cream base. For a sheerer look you can go with a tinted moisturizer or a mineral foundation.

Start with a clean pallet. If you have oily skin, use a toner, if you have dry skin, use a moisturizer. This will help even out your skin so that the foundation can go on evenly and last. Wait just a few minutes after you put your moisturizer on before applying your foundation. To apply, take your sponge, dip it into your foundation and dab it on your face. I like to start under the eyes because that’s where you generally need more coverage. Smooth it out, being sure to blend all the way down your neck.

Usually you can get by with just foundation but if you have extreme dark circles you can add a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin. For blemishes or red spots you can use a red neutralizer, be sure and blend!

For your cream base and moisture base, you will want to set it with some translucent powder. Take a puff or eggs shaped sponge and dip it into the powder, wipe off the excess and pat it on to set the foundation.

Contour & Blush

I think one of the biggest mistakes in applying make-up is right here!  Too much and not blended will look hideous! Also test it just like you would your foundation for the right shade.   It is meant to just add some dimension and a warm glow to your face.

For contouring you choose one shade darker than your foundation.  There are many areas you can choose to shade, the most common is under your cheekbones.  You can get an idea of where that is by sucking your cheeks Start from your ear and brush down.

Remember to blend!

For blush, if you smile you can see the apples of your cheeks. Take a large dome brush, dip it into your blush tap or blow the excess then apply a light dust just to the apples of your cheeks.


For everyday eyes I would stick to earth tones. They are virtually foolproof. Use a pencil, no black, and line the inside of your lower lid, with a little on your lash line and blend with a straight edge sponge. With the top lid do a dotted line and then again blend with your straight edge sponge. Make sure the line is as close to the lash line as possible. Dust a nude or light color across the lid.

Now its time for mascara. Curl your lashes if you need to. Make sure you get new mascara every 3 months to avoid the clumpy look and for sanitary purposes. I like to take a Kleenex and place it under the bottom lashes. Close one eye and brush down on the top of the lashes then up on the underneath.


So some of you have that perfect hair that can take any cut, color or style and look amazing! God has blessed you, so enjoy! Those of us who are not too fortunate need all the help we can get! Here’s to us!

Thin, fine hair, which would be me! Find a stylist that has similar hair to you, make sure you like the way she styles her hair! A good cut will give you the desired fullness. If you also ‘Professionally damage your hair”, by coloring or highlighting or even swimming in the ocean, you will get a lot more volume.

Extensions are also a Godsend! This is a great way to add a little bit of length and thickness. Don’t go overboard just a few wefts with clips. I suggest one in the lower nape area attached near the bottom of each ear. Then add another one in the nape area from the tip of each ear. Spend a little extra money and get good real human hair. Remy has good long lasting hair. Have a professional pick out the right color and have your stylist cut and blend them into your hair.

Shampoo, I suggest a strong shampoo to make sure you get all the excess oils and product residue off the hair. Then follow it with a lightweight conditioner concentrating mostly on the ends.

Before styling I suggest some silk infusion to protect your delicate hair again concentrate mainly on the ends. I dry mostly upside down so the root of the hair maintains fullness.

Now you can go through the hair with a ceramic round brush large for a smooth look and small for more movement.


Moisturize if needed with some chap stick. Line your lips. The best way to do this is to smile. Go across your bottom lip line. I like to stay within the lines, but some people like to go just below the line to give the lips more fullness. Relax your lip a little for the top, and follow the arches. You can then fill the lips in with the liner and put lipstick or just some lip-gloss over that. I use lip liners and gloss by “the perfect face”. They taste good, last long and stick to your lips without sticking to anything else!

When choosing a lip color, remember red is always a classic for going out and it makes your teeth look very white! Generally it is best to stick with a natural color lipstick. If you go big on your lips it is best to go soft on your eyes and vise versa. So make your choice, eyes or lips, not both.


With make-up less is best, with hairspray, less is best, with clothes, more is best! It breaks my heart when I see insecure girls dressed too revealing.

Really! Leave something’s to the imagination! Not only is this more attractive but it shows that you have respect for yourself and it projects more of positive self-image. You don’t want to get the wrong message out there about who you are!

Dress your age! Dress your size! Not too small not too large. Create your own style with clothes that look good on you. Go shopping with some good friends, make sure their GOOD and get their opinions.

When trying on your jeans, make sure you walk around in them a bit and sit down and get a feel for how they fit. Don’t buy them tight thinking that you will loose weight. Buy them to fit then you can always take them in! I find Y.M.I. jeans to have the best fit for most body shapes.

All of our bodies are different, but they can all be beautiful, so highlight your assets!

Working with General Hospital

It has been over 25 years since I started working at General Hospital and I still feel honored to be a part of something so big.  Its like a well oiled machine, casting, the producers, writers, directors, all get together to provide the Make-up department with what the actor will encounter that day.  From being trapped on an Island  held prisoner at the Metro Court, encountering the Monkey flu, to getting married, each day has a new adventure.  The actors always appreciate us helping them to get into character!