About Linda Rondinella


I was raised in beautiful downtown Burbank. When I was little we used to go to N.B.C. and watch them shoot Rowan and Martins laugh-in and Midnight Special, the Gong show and many more.

I always found myself drawn to the make-up and hair room. I would just sit quietly and watch as the stars got their make-up and hair done. I always knew that when I grew up that was what I wanted to do!

I grew –up and went through the R.O.P. classes in High School. I practiced everything on my poor mom, who I have cut, burned, poked and turned her hair every color in the rainbow! Thanks mom! When I finished I went straight over to A.B.C. and said, ”My name is Linda Rondinella and I want to work at this studio! Rudy Horvatich, who was the head of the make-up department, liked Italians and after a few war stories and him playing guitar and singing, he put me to work at General Hospital (soap opera).

I have been there for around twenty years now. The head of make-up is Donna Messina-Armogida. She has created and amazing environment to work giving me the opportunity to be creative and become an Emmy Award winner. I raised four kids on that show and she has always given me the freedom to go to all their cheerleading events, football games and whatever else that was important to me.

I’m also able to leave to do other shows; I’ve had the pleasure of working with the best from every jandra of entertainment, Carol Duvall, The Academy Awards, various variety shows. For twelve years now I have had the honor of co-coordinating the hair and make-up for the Miss Universe, Miss U.S.A. and Miss Teen. This has inspired me to write these guidelines for those of you who wish to pursuit the crown or whatever else you want in life.

Linda Rondinella

Makeup 101